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At Onboard Health we firmly recognize the importance of building success alongside talented professionals to build an inclusive future of health.

Talent Network

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At Onboard Health, we’re dedicated to bringing together a diverse workforce and equipping them with opportunities that not only open the door for roles at companies — we’re equipping them with mission-driven resources, coaching, and access to partnerships to build a healthier future.

Our mission is driven by deep relationships with talented industry professionals who reflect the diversity of our society. And our focus is to connect, equip and launch diverse professionals into the next levels of their impactful careers.

I am eternally grateful for the critical role André has played in my career advancement. He has a unique ability to synthesize trends in the health innovation landscape and to use that skill to plug in top leaders from his vast network to drive powerful change. The recruitment and interview process were made easier by André's proactive support. He is an incredibly intentional and energizing champion who deeply cares about the work he does and the people and organizations he supports.
Laura Stokes
Andre and his team are collecting those folks steeped in the reality of the world and devoted to doing the hard work to make it better. This community isn’t a bunch of fantastical rainbow sprites. Each of us brings a grounded value, infused with critical perspectives on racial and gender inequalities. Onboard Health is building a powerful collective that is flipping the script on how things are done in this world, questioning old institutions and systems that no longer serve the common good in order to design futures that are equitable and just for all of us.
Susan Williams
The Onboard Health community has been fantastic. I’ve met quite a few members over virtual coffees. One of those individuals introduced me to an executive at their company, which resulted in me having the opportunity to do consulting work with their product team. I am learning a ton and I have the Onboarding Health community to thank!
Alexa Morse
Before engaging with Onboard Health, I had difficulty finding the best platform to provide jobs that fit my skills and experiences. In addition, I found it overwhelming to figure out which direction to go with job searching and finding quality job postings. After a conversation with André and checking the job board on Onboard Health, I applied, interviewed and received offers from great companies. Onboard Health has cultivated such a fantastic community where I feel welcome, valued, and have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with influential individuals and companies!
Ryan Hampton
Onboard Health has quickly become a magnet for passionate minds and bright ideas. They embody what public health innovation is all about: human centered, forward thinking, maximizing impact.
Naveen Rao