Promote a
culture of belonging
through a strong employer brand.

Onboard Health works alongside companies to honestly assess gaps and opportunities for a strong employer brand that promotes an inclusive workforce.

Our Approach

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In order to ensure that we provide the best experience for our clients, we conduct an exploratory kickoff call that enables us to understand an organization’s: mission & vision, company culture, and milestones of hiring success -- ideal candidate profile, timeline, etc.


We then leverage our talent community, screening potential candidates for career and goals alignment prior to ever introducing the role. Once we confirm that they match with our client’s mission and culture, we take them through a rigorous process that continues to measure their fit and test the proof points of their experience to ensure that the candidate can deliver on the role successfully.


After selecting candidates to go through the interview process, we deliver clients a one-sheet Insights Summary that goes beyond the resume and includes our own top-line assessments to bolster the decision-making process. This process creates long-standing partnerships with our clients as we consistently bring talented, impactful leaders to their teams.

Strategic Advisory

For us, it’s a win-win situation.

At Onboard Health we are dedicated to ensuring our clients have the right tools, insights, and solutions they need to build internal capacity. Smarter, inclusive companies are better equipped to attract and retain amazing talented leaders. Those leaders are then able to thrive, feel like they belong, and are ultimately better able to do the work that matters.

Onboard Health offers human-centered solutions that embed diversity, equity & inclusion across the full lifecycle hiring process.

We provide strategic services and consulting to address four pillars of the employer brand:

“Onboard Health has been invaluable in connecting us to a diverse professional pool that both expands the breadth of candidates but also our ability to reimagine the work and the possibilities in front of us.
— DR. ALETHA MAYBANK, Senior vice president, AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION/center for health equity
“Onboard Health is addressing a historical talent gap in the public health and healthcare industry while building a community of health innovators.
The power of Onboard Health is that they’re aligning diverse talent – with a mindset towards innovation – into an industry that needs out-of-the-box thinking to expand its effectiveness. Ultimately, the work of Onboard Health is to help us reach health and human equity."
— Antionette Carroll, ceo and founder, Creative Reaction Lab
“Onboard Health has been an instrumental partner to me as we’ve continued to build out the Bento team.
Most recently, André and his team at Onboard helped us identify and bring on a Director of Strategic Communications. This cornerstone hire for us has directly led to our ability to secure more enterprise healthcare customers, state healthcare grants and accolades such as Time Magazine’s Top Inventions of the year.”
— Adam Dole, Managing partner, Bento (Not Impossible Labs)
“Onboard Health was incredible at working closely with our team in understanding the profile of our unique VP Equity & Population Health.
From making sure we were able to speak to enough candidates to understand our needs and providing high caliber talent. Moreover their investment in understanding our story completely helped ensure all candidates were excited and aligned with our vision."
— Jessica Hovick, Vice president of Operations, BIG HEALTH
“I was approached by Onboard Health for a recruitment opportunity. From point A to Z - the process was a pleasure. [André] was well informed about me even before he called. He had done his homework.
He was able to share details of the opportunity, why I was being considered, and what I could expect from engagement with Onboard Health. And then he delivered. Onboard gave great guidance, support and extra care as we navigated through interviews, presentations, negotiations and more. Excellent service from a caring recruiter who understood exactly what the client wanted as well as what I wanted/needed as a prospective candidate for the position. I was highly satisfied and feel like I’ve gained long-term friends and partners at Onboard Health as I step into my new job."
— Celeste James, Vice president, equity & population health, Big Health