André Blackman


Onboard Health was founded in 2017 by André Blackman, a pioneering strategist with deep ties into the public health/healthcare, social innovation, and strategic communication landscapes. Previously, Andre founded Pulse + Signal, a branding and innovation strategy consultancy where he helped healthcare focused organizations and startups stay equipped for the future.

André is a sought-after advisor to companies building the future of health and brand builder for the leaders who run them. His work and insights have been featured in CIO, Fortune, Forbes, NPR, Reporting on Health, U.S. News and World Report.


Access and Acceleration.

The landscape of opportunities moving the needle on our society’s health is shifting quickly. We want to make sure you’re a part of that impact. Our vision at Onboard Health is to connect, equip and launch (into amazing opportunities) a dynamic workforce dedicated to sustainable innovation in health.

Why is an inclusive workforce important?

The landscape of health is changing. The growing amount of factors that impact our wellness have created new opportunities for sustainable solutions to improve our health. The workforce is also changing. With a new wave of companies and initiatives tackling big problems, comes new career opportunities to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to life.

We firmly believe that in order for those companies creating the future of health to successfully thrive, it is absolutely critical to have talented individuals that reflect our diverse society to bring their high-quality skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table. We are truly focused on onboarding an inclusive workforce that is fully equipped and connected to make real change.

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