Let’s Work Together


Onboard Health is helping to connect, equip and launch the next generation of talent working to reshape how health is embedded into our world. Listed below are our highest priority core products offered to help our clients build a smart, inclusive, and innovative workforce.



Do you have a job listing and want to promote it to a highly curated group? Are you frustrated that your current channels for sourcing talent aren’t producing diverse applicants? Let us help. The Onboard Health Jobs newsletter reaches a nationwide community of diverse senior level leaders who are focused on the intersection of health and technology and seeking opportunities with forward-thinking high-impact organizations.

Executive Recruiting

Need help landing senior level talent? Let us help. Onboard health has built an incredible network of diverse senior level leaders who are focused on the intersection of health, innovation, and technology. Best suited for C-Suite, engineers, data scientists, designers, and product manager opportunities.


Brand Engagement

Building a compelling story and brand for your company is absolutely vital today in order to properly create sustainable value across stakeholders. Onboard Health will turbocharge your brand recognition across the healthcare innovation landscape to build community, solidify thought leadership and ultimately build great ways to engage new talent.

  • Convening: High Profile Events/Speaker Series (In-Person or Online)

  • Co-Created Online Content


Diversity & Inclusion Assessment

A deep dive into your organization’s culture. Onboard begins most engagements with a 360 degree assessment of the formal and informal practices within your workplace. We assess employee engagement, diversity, hiring, inclusiveness, and innovation. This quantitative and qualitative “audit” will identify opportunities and priorities that will assist in building an even stronger and more inclusive workplace.